Launch a new brand extension while not straying from the core insight behind our successful global Snickers campaign ––“You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Our campaign, inspired by the popular term “Hangry” (definition: to be so hungry that you’re angry), coined a whole new set of words to define new kinds of hunger. Words like “Angreepy” [Angry + Sleepy] summed up how you’re feeling when afflicted by multiple hunger symptoms.

We brought these new hunger symptoms to life through videos born out of Facebook’s silent autoplay functionality. With the sound off, these appeared to be normal music videos. But when clicked for sound, users could see the surprising effects hunger had.

  • People all over social media got into the spirit of creating their own hunger symptoms.
  • We far surpassed Facebook’s benchmark view-through-rate.
  • Over 16 Million impressions.
  • And we sold A LOT of chocolate.